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  • -2nd Window
  • -Colored Lighting
  • Chrome Light Beam Feature
  • Upholstered Panels: Leather, Swede
  • Premium Entertainment Package
  • Upgraded Hardware & Fixtures to order
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How are Sleepbox cabins maintained?

Sleepboxes are very easy to clean and maintain.  In the office it is included in the daily office maintenance routine, so no additional expense is required. During the day users should leave the unit as clean as it was in the beginning of their stay (Popular shared-use model).
In hotels or airports, turndown service occurs between each use.  Our operating partners maintain the highest standards for our guests. In offices, Sleepbox can be included in regular scheduled cleaning, up to a 3 or 4 times per day. Additional features such as UV disinfecting lamps and ozone air filtration occur are also available.

How do you install a Sleepbox?

We provide our customers with easy, detailed assembly instructions. We manufacture each unit to be easily assembled by 2 people in as little as 1 hour with the help of a small boom lift. By request, we can arrange training for your assembly team, provide supervision online, in person, or an assembly team for you. Only one regular electric outlet is required to plug it in. Also, after assembly, you can easily relocate the unit by releasing small wheels.

Does Sleepbox have a ventilation system?

Sleepbox has a ventilation system in standard complete set. Complete air turnover is 10+ times per hour, so air inside Sleepbox is as fresh and cool as outside. As an additional features, Sleepboxes can also be connected directly to the main building's ventilation system or be equipped with a/c unit

Does Sleepbox Allow Smoking?

Smoking is prohibited in Sleepboxes. Smoke/fire detector is installed in each Sleepbox. We recommend our customers comply with their local fire safety codes when utilizing Sleepboxes.

How is Sleepbox constructed?

All Sleepboxes are constructed of natural materials, MDF and plywood. Units are finished with paint, laminate or veneer.  Our construction materials and practices meet the International Building Code and standard best practices.

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