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  • -2nd Window
  • -Colored Lighting
  • Chrome Light Beam Feature
  • Upholstered Panels: Leather, Swede
  • Premium Entertainment Package
  • Upgraded Hardware & Fixtures to order
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We have developed Sleepbox to facilitate everyone working and living at their peak levels. We create trust between employees and employers, empowering individuals to challenge themselves and grow your business.

Benefits for Employers:
  • Attract top talent, reduce turnover
  • Empower employee personal development
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Lower healthcare costs, save over $3000 per employee
  • Convey trust in your employees
  • Combat work-life balance and keep employees in the office, not send them away
Benefits to Employees:
  • Feel trusted to challenge yourself and explore new capabilities
  • Refresh your approach to work-life integration, by having a resting space at work
  • Utilize Sleepbox before or after work to skip irritating traffic; have more energy
  • Focus on important work, separated from an open work environment


Sleepbox cabins offer travelers the quality and location of city-center hotels, at a similar cost to out-of-town accommodations. Traveling provides one of the most enriching experiences, and Sleepbox makes new locations and experiences accessible.

Many of our hotels are located right in the center of cities, no more than a few blocks from the top attractions. Our attractive and unique design enriches travel by offering another exciting aspect to travel.

Another way we make traveling better is by creating a place to rest and recharge in airports and train stations.  We offer a private space for you, your luggage, and your work. Plan an indirect flight, and reserve a room to relax between connections. Unexpected delays can quickly become pleasant reprieves by staying in a quiet, relaxing space near your terminal.


Our flexible pricing models and low installation costs offer great options for potential entrepreneurs around the world.  Leverage our unique, innovative product to attract international media and increase awareness of your new hospitality business.

Small spaces can now become unique business opportunities; with only 200 m2 (~2000 sq. ft.) you can operate 20 Sleepbox cabins with a minimal staff, and expected IRR of over 80%. The expected initial investment for this size of installation is $300,000 USD, which is much lower compared to the average cost of major hotel franchise of $2MM according to industry research.

Other installations can scale well over 100 units.  For each installation we can customize Sleepbox design and features to best suit your needs and space.

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